People of Tibetan culture, though a part of Nepal, populate Lo (upper) Mustang. Known as the Lost or Forbidden Kingdom, this extraordinarly harsh land on the roof of the world has isolated these people for centuries and so their culture and way of life has prevailed through time. There are no roads, only mountainous tracks via which goods and necessities are transported by horses, mules and of course, the people themselves.

This exhibition has been shown a number of times.
The first time by invitation to the Alençon Photo Festival, and again by invitation in the Blonville Church. 
​It has also been shown three times (Greniers à sel at Honfleur, Hôtel du Doyen 
Bayeux and the Salle du Sépulcre at Caen) as part of a group show in conjunction with the NGO Bessin au Nepal to raise funds for a humanitarian project in Lo Mustang.

Some examples of the photos in this exhibition are posted on the 2nd page.



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